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Why choose Lashfactor?

Nano-molecular Formula Incorporating Proprietary Nanotechnology

Lashfactor hair growth serum enhances eyelashes & eyebrows within 2-4 weeks. It contains volume-building nano-polymers and hair pigmentation agents to stimulate growth, even enhances damaged or fine hairs.

We designed a patented sterile dip-in applicator, specifically designed for to apply serum on delicate eyelashes & eyebrows. This is why we created a 1,000 biocompatible micro-bristle applicator, which protects delicate hairs and will not shed/interact with the solution.

what makes lashfactor different?


Clinically-proven Formula

Developed by our team of highly specialised cosmetic researchers, who have incorporated a proprietary nano-technology that has been shown to increase the volume, length and prominence of eyelashes and eyebrows.


Results, Results, Results!

Formulated with an advanced blend of molecular hair pigmenting agents that are absorbed by the roots of eyelashes and eyebrows to give a darker and enhanced appearance. The darkening effect is seen in less than TWO weeks of daily use.


One-of-a-kind Applicator

Uses a specially designed patented, brush-free micro-bristle dip-in applicator system that allows a more hygienic, precise, convenient and consistent application along the roots of eyelashes and eyebrows with minimum wastage and maximum efficiency. 


Our Story

We are a Family Enterprise

Lashfactor is part of a family-run enterprise that has been specialising in ocular health and wellness since 1977. Now, we are part of one of the fastest growing ophthalmic pharmaceutical groups in the world. The founding family members are all qualified pharmacists, whose passion for ocular health and wellbeing has developed to eye beauty. As we say, Lashfactor is what happens when a pharmaceutical manufacturer makes a cosmetic product.

We at Lashfactor believe in enhancing natural beauty rather than masking or faking it. Why use eyelash extensions to glorify your look when you can achieve this naturally without the risk of damaging natural hairs. The use of fake lashes has significantly grown in the last decade, and although it does enhance a person's look - it does so by causing more damage to your natural lashes and to your eyelids over time. Lashfactor serum enhances your eyelashes and eyebrows without compromising health. We have the consumer in mind because we are pharmacists.

It took our research team more than three years to develop Lashfactor and we are beyond confident our serum will benefit anyone who tries it. All serums made and sold by Lashfactor have been produced in an advanced, sterile research lab in the UK. Our commitment to ensuring our labs are 100% sterile is what makes Lashfactor unique and safe.

We all have those lashes & brows in us naturally. Maybe all you need is a bit of Lashfactor.



  • Certified by Ophthalmologists
  • Dermatologist-tested
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Free-from parabens, phthalates & sulphates
  • Fragrance & colourant-free
  • 100% sterile
  • Cruelty-free





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Legal Disclaimer

Lashfactor is regulated as an EU COSMETIC Product as per Regulation (EC) 1223:2009 and ISO 22716:2007 for cosmetic products.