Ground-breaking Nanotechnology Enhancement

Lashfactor is an advanced nano-molecular growth formula developed in ERC London's State-of-the-art Cosmetic Research Laboratories.

The semi-viscous enhancing formula contains unique Volume-Building Nano-Polymers gently coats of roots of the eyelashes and eyebrows.

A simple once-a-night application along the root of the lashes and eyebrows can give fantastic results in JUST 4 weeks. 


Eyelash & Eyebrow Darkening

Lashfactor is formulated with an advanced blend of molecular hair pigmenting agents that is absorbed by the roots of eyelashes and eyebrows to give a darker and enhanced appearance.


The darkening effect is seen in less than TWO weeks of daily use and enhances the natural beauty of your eyebrows and eyelashes without having to use any artificial dyes and coloring agents.


Brush-free Sterile Applicator

Lashfactor uses a patented sterile dip-in applicator system designed for stress-free use on the roots of your eyelashes & eyebrows.

The applicator is 100% brush-free, consisting of over 1,000 delicate biocompatible micro-bristles that do not shed into or interact with the Lashfactor solution.

This specially designed applicator system allows a more hygienic, precise, convenient and consistent application along the roots of your eyelashes and eyebrows with minimum wastage and maximum efficiency.

How to use


  • Apply Lashfactor once a night before going to bed to clean and dry eyes.

  • Soak the dip-in applicator into the solution

  • Apply firmly along the roots of the upper and lower eyelashes & eyebrows making sure no solution enters the eyes.

  • Apply to both eyes in equal proportion

  • In the FIRST TWO WEEKS of daily use you will notice darker , fuller and stronger lashes and brows that will appear more enhanced and prominent. 

  • Length increase will be seen by WEEK FOUR of daily use.

  • BEST RESULTS will be seen after applying Lashfactor every day for a FULL THREE MONTHS


The MUST-HAVE cosmetic everyone is talking about

The idea of Lashfactor came about in the early 2000s when the use of false lashes exponentially grew worldwide. Women from all walks of life adopted false lashes as part of their regular beauty habit.  Almost every beauty parlour and salon today provides services for the application of false lashes.

However the awareness in the public of the potential complications of using false lashes is very poor. False lashes can not only damage your natural lashes but the lack of hygiene in the application process can lead to a whole range of complications such as damage to eyelids, eye infections and eye inflammation. 

We at Lashfactor realise that eyes are one of the most precious organs of your body. The gift is sight through eyes is a miracle of nature that should be truly appreciated. Therefore Lashfactor Eyelash & Eyebrow Enhancer was born in order to make women around the world enhance their beauty in a natural way without the fakeness. 

The technology behind Lashfactor is very different to other lash and brow serums available today. Lashfactor comes from several years of advanced cosmetic research that aimed to develop a natural, safe and clinically proven beauty enhancing product.

Lashfactor today sells in over 30 countries including the UK, Europe, North Africa, UAE and South-East Asia.  With excellent reviews across the board, Lashfactor is today considered by many online and in-store retailers as a best seller cosmetic. 

Make-up professionals and enthusiasts all over the world are increasing recommending Lashfactor as part of their daily beauty routine, and consider it as one of the best cosmetics currently available in the market.

The accelerator, growth and re-growth properties of Lashfactor allows rapid lash conditioning, volume enhancement and prominence of lashes and brows. Lashfactor is not a treatment or medicine but simply a natural way to bring out the best in your beauty and give you the daily lift you really need. 

The intense and clinically proven formula of Lashfactor and excellent value you can get for what you pay makes it much more than your usual mascara.

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Traditional SERUM-based products often contain oily components, emulsifiers, detergents and various other additives, that make them more allergenic and susceptible to sensitive skin and eyes. On the other hand, Lashfactor is a clear semi-viscous nano-molecular treatment containing volume-building, nano-polymers and hair pigmenting agents buffered in sterile water with no SERUM-based additives whatsoever. All our ingredients used are certified safe for the eyes and skin 



The volume-building polymers we use in Lashfactor® have undergone an advanced particle size reduction process to give particle sizes of less than 50 nanometres. Such extremely small potent nano-particles are absorbed almost 20 times better and faster into the roots of eyelashes and eyebrows which provides a much more enhanced and faster increase in their volume, length and prominence. Traditional SERUM-based products on the other hand contain very large and bulky particles that simply deposits and sits along the roots of eyelashes and eyebrows with poorer and slower absorption therefore leading to a much less prominent effect. 



Strong Pharmaceutical Background

We are an Ophthalmic specialty pharmaceutical entity specializing in the design, development and manufacturing of Innovative eye medicines and eye cosmetics. We are part of the ENTOD International Group which is one of the fastest growing ophthalmic pharmaceutical companies in the world having ophthalmic technological expertise for over 40 years 

The technology used in Lashfactor® is designed and developed by our team of highly specialised cosmetic researchers in our state-of-the-art GLP accredited research laboratories. Our strong pharmaceutical research background gives us the technological edge compared to other competitor products.  

Legal Disclaimer

Lashfactor is regulated as an EU COSMETIC Product as per Regulation (EC) 1223:2009 and ISO 22716:2007 for cosmetic products.