advanced nanotechnology formula


We are a Growth Solution

Many women (and men) are wearing eyelash extensions nowadays. We understand the popularity of eyelash extensions. Don't get us wrong, it can really enhance natural beauty. As qualified pharmacists, what we don't like is permanent damage, infections and allergic reactions caused by eyelash extensions. Why risk your health using extensions when you can promote natural growth in your eyelashes (or eyebrows) using a clinically-proven serum? We believe in products that have zero impact on health.

benefits of enhancing growth SOLUTIONS

Quick application

Application is simple and easy to use, taking no longer than 10 seconds to complete. In comparison, the average time to apply day-wear eyelash extensions is approx. 15 minutes.

Prevents Lash Loss

Not only does our rapid growth serum promote regrowth of eyelashes and eyebrows, with long-term use can also prevent lash loss and strengthens fine or damaged hairs.

Reverse Damage

  Using day-wear, semi-permanent or permanent eyelash extensions can increase the risk of damage, as any tugging will pull out or permanently damage your own lashes.  

Fewer Infections

  Our formula is hypoallergenic, 100% sterile, and designed to be used around the eye, so even the most sensitive skin can handle daily use of Lashfactor. Using our regrowth serum is safer than eyelash extensions.

96% Satisfaction

   Our enhancing serum has been tested on a third-party consumer panel of 100 participants for complete fairness, which led to a score of 96% satisfaction rate and many noticing results in the first 2 weeks.

Lash Loyalty

Enhance eyelashes and eyebrows further by going beyond 4 weeks. While additional applications of Lashfactor will not increase the growth within 4 weeks, continual application thereafter can increase results.

how do I use lashfactor?

Simple application


Clean around your eyelashes before applying Lashfactor. Then use the micro-bristle dip-in applicator to gently, but firmly, coat the baseline of your eyelashes or middle of your eyebrows. For best results, apply once per day from one side to the other, horizontally. Avoid applying like mascara.

Rapid Growth Solution Results


Where would we be without the results from our customers? Make sure to send us your photos or upload on social media using the hashtag #MyLashJourney and leave a review after 4 weeks. We love hearing back from you and get super excited to see your photos!

lashfactor week stages

Where it all begins


Week 1:

Our formula gradually starts to build a foundation, stimulating the roots and hair follicles during week one. Enhancing the length and thickness requires continued use for full effect.

Some noticeable results


Week 2:

During the first two weeks, the advanced blend of molecular hair pigmenting agents in the formula gets to work. 60% of the darkness effect is noticeable by the end of week two.

Almost there


Week 3:

Incorporated proprietary nanotechnology and nano-emulsions start to strengthen and nourish roots/hair follicles. During this stage, the eyelashes/eyebrows look and feel healthier.

Longer, Fuller & Darker


Week 4:
By week four, the nano-molecular technology has been stimulating for the recommended amount of applications to increase length, thickness and darkness using Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose.