Whether you want your eyes to look bigger, or simply want to draw more attention to this feature, there are many tricks and techniques that will help you to get the results you are looking for.

Here are some top tips on how to accentuate your eyes, both with and without using make-up:

Create depth

Using your eye shadow to create bold depth will make your eyes really ‘pop’. The best way to do this is to apply a lighter shade over your full eyelid and then apply a darker shade in the crease of your eyelid, adding dimension before blending your lid colour into the crease colour.

Fill in your eyebrows

If your eyebrows are not very prominent, filling them out will bring more focus to your eyes. Many beauty experts recommend filling in your brows with an eye shadow matching the colour of your brows to provide more density. You might also want to apply a brow gel after filling them in to help them to look bolder for longer. Also, brushing your brow hairs upwards can help to give your brows the appearance of being fuller.

Curl your lashes

As well as applying mascara to thicken you lashes, using a curler will help to make your lashes appear to be longer. It is important to use the curler before you apply your mascara for best results and to prevent losing any lashes.

Experiment with coloured liner and mascara

While black liner and mascara is the classic option, using colours instead will help to make your eyes stand out more. Try out a few different options to find the perfect colour for your eyes. For example, a dark green can really complement blue eyes, you do not have to choose a really bright colour to get good results.

Apply growth serum

While using false lashes can help to make your lashes look more prominent, there are a lot of disadvantages, such as the amount of maintenance they take, how long they take to apply and also how they can damage your natural lashes.

Using a growth serum instead will help to naturally volumise and lengthen your lashes, as the serum nourishes your natural lashes and strengthens them. Applying growth serum as part of your daily routine will soon start to deliver great results, with healthier looking eyelashes that stand out, while still having a classy, natural look.

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