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Lashfactor Pro

Our expertise and drive for ophthalmics evolved over the years, which paved the way for our Lashfactor growth solution, and now we're launching a PRO version for professionals.

Lashfactor PRO shares the same popular patented, micro-bristle applicator available as the consumer counterparter. With PRO, the formula is stronger than before.

Before we launched, we spent over three years on research with our team of pharmaceutical scientists, clinical pharmacists and cosmetic researchers.

Being a pharmaceutical entity, our primary focus is in the details and data; leaving no stone unturned when it comes to manufacturing beauty products.

How to order

Whether you're a salon, private practice, retailer, distributor or wholesaler... we're interested in hearing from you. Our team will run through the product, pricing and margins, while listening to your needs and expectations to meet an agreement that works for both parties.

Request your Lashfactor Pro Information Pack by contacting us.

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