The Science Behind the Beauty…

Nanotechnology… in an eyelash serum?

Sounds a little like something out of sci-fi  movie right? No need to worry, nanotech is actually really helpful! Lashfactor is the first eyelash and brow growth solution to use this technology, to help you achieve real, noticeable results. Thanks to our unique formula, Lashfactor is absorbed almost 20-times faster than other serums and supports your lashes from the roots – improving strength, length and thickness!


What exactly does ‘Brush-free’ mean? 

Lashfactor is the first product, of it’s kind, to come with a patented brush-free applicator… But why is brush-free better? Well, unlike other spoolies and brushes, our applicator was specifically designed to be hypoallergenic and repel dirt. But they aren’t the only benefits! Our applicator is made up of micro-bristles, which provide a more consistent application and help to reduce wastage.

Real results all round!

Unlike other eyelash and brow serums, Lashfactor not only boosts length and strength, but also makes your lashes and brows darker! Using an unique blend pigments and minerals, Lashfactor darkens your lashes and brows in less than two weeks, when used daily. No more lash tints! Lashfactor gives you noticeable result naturally.