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We at Lashfactor believe in a fair and unbiased review system that shows the true reflection of what our customers have experienced during their lash journey with us. We value genuine feedback and it makes us stronger. We are passionate to keep improving our products and services forward. We aim to push our rapid growth serum to the frontlines by focusing on delivering products as advertised and meeting the needs of all our customers. This means any feedback, good or bad, is vital for us to move forward and achieve maximum customer satisfaction possible. 

Most beauty and cosmetic brands hire third-party sources to carry out their consumer reviews in exchange for huge financial gain. By doing this, these brands are misleading consumers with dubious results for marketing purposes. At Lashfactor, we believe that such approaches can be highly biased and unfair to the consumer. We keep it simple and straightforward.

Our Dynamic Customer Review System is the first of its kind in the cosmetic industry, where a fully automated review analysis software analyses the feedback entered by customers, without the possibility of any data tampering or tweaking opportunities. The Review Status is automatically updated by the software on our website and social media platforms every two weeks.

Legal Disclaimer

Lashfactor is regulated as an EU COSMETIC Product as per Regulation (EC) 1223:2009 and ISO 22716:2007 for cosmetic products.