Whether you are feeling a bit low or you are simply missing your usual bit of pampering at the salon, you can give yourself a nice wellbeing boost by taking some time out for some self-care. You cannot underestimate the power of a relaxing bath or treating your skin to a revitalising face mask (a nice change from the face masks we have recently become used to!).

So, make sure you dedicate some YOU time, where you focus solely on improving your wellbeing through a mix of pampering activities such as:

Take a long hot soak in the bath

Run yourself a hot bath, add your favourite aromatherapy bath oils, light your scented candles and make sure you have the house to yourself for some undisturbed peace. Play some relaxing music and switch off from distractions like social media.

Get out for some fresh air

Getting outside, even for a short time each day can give you a bit of a boost, so try and get out for a short walk so you are getting out of the house for a bit, as long as it is safe for you to do so. Doing some light or moderate exercise can make you feel in a better mood, so try and get motivated to go for a jog or a longer walk if you can.

Treat your skin

During winter your skin tends to get drier due to the cold weather, combined with the central heating being on more often to keep you warm at home. If you do not already have a good skincare routine, treat yourself to some new skin products to help hydrate your skin and give yourself a bit more of a glow.

Use less heat on your hair

If you are working from home or not socialising due to lockdown restrictions, now is a good time to give your hair a break from using straighteners and other heat on your hair, to give it a chance of repairing.

Look after your eyelashes

It is also a good time to think about looking after your eyelashes better, so instead of applying mascara or fake eyelashes that can damage your eyelashes, try products that actually nurture your eyelash health. The Lashfactor eyelash and eyebrow growth serum stimulates eyelash growth to give you fuller and longer lashes after 4-8 weeks.

There might not be anywhere to go right now but you can use your lockdown time to give yourself some pampering and TLC. Check out the range of Lashfactor products to give your eyelashes and brows some lockdown love, so you are ready to sparkle when the restrictions are lifted.

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