Do you remember how you felt after the first time you got eyelash extensions? Confident, sexy, ready to take on the world! Well, for me, those feelings didn’t last long.


Throwback to my first ever appointment… It was just pre-COVID, my bestie’s birthday was coming up and we were planning the biggest night out yet. Naturally, I needed to look the part. I never liked my lashes – I always saw them as short and stubby – one of my friends told me to try getting eyelash extensions. So, I did – and they looked great.

Flashforward to a few weeks later (and a few more nights out) and my lashes were in a real state. Although I was able to party into the early hours, my eyelashes could not keep up. The combination of a sweaty nightclub and me forgetting to take my eye makeup off properly had caused a few of my extensions to fall out… my actual eyelash along with it.

But I’m no quitter, I wasn’t going to let one bad experience ruin the feeling of having fabulous lashes. So, I upped my skincare game – I started using a better cleanser, made sure to cleanse after every night out, cleaned my lashes every night and used better eye makeup. And, for a while, it worked. After a year or so of getting extensions, I realised that my lashes were getting more and more damaged after each treatment. I needed an alternative.

Expensive mascara didn’t cut it. Castor oil wasn’t the one. Lift and tint treatments did nothing either. Cue my knight in shining armour moment – or beautician, in this case…


I was introduced to the wonders of LashFactor!

Saving the day, as usual, my beautician told me to try the Lashfactor Serum. She said that a couple of her clients were having similar issues to me but, after just four weeks of using the serum, they saw a real difference in the length and health of their lashes. And they were right!


I bought the triple-strength version, to give my lashes some real TLC. After a month of using the serum, my lashes looked fuller, healthier and longer than they did pre-extensions. Cut to today and my lashes look as good as they did with extensions.

I can honestly say that I much prefer my natural lashes – with a little help from Lashfactor. It’s cheaper than getting extensions, it takes 2-minutes to apply and if I forget to take my makeup off, I don’t have to worry about my lashes falling out!


If you’re over getting extensions, then you should definitely consider trying Lashfactor. It changed my life. Find out more about the range at