If you have noticed that your eyelashes have started to look thinner and are not growing as well as they used to, there could be a number of reasons for this. Certain health conditions, as well as the natural ageing process can result in your eyelashes losing volume but there are solutions to help this problem.

These are some of the main reasons that eyelashes start thinning or stop growing:


While Alopecia may most commonly be associated with losing hair from your head, the condition can lead to losing hair on the body, or your eyelashes falling out. Alternatively, it can lead to partial hair loss, which could leave your eyelashes looking thinner rather than actually dropping out.

Bad beauty habits

Using certain products may damage your eyelashes and even wearing mascara can cause lashes to become brittle. Not cleaning mascara off properly each night, or even the over-use of items such as curlers and lash brushes can also damage your eyelashes. Wearing eyelash extensions can also damage your lashes, with the weight pulling on your natural lashes, or the glue damaging them.

Rubbing your eyes

Something as simple as rubbing your eyes when you are tired or have an itch is also a leading cause of breaking lashes, so try to avoid rubbing your eyes and instead gently use a damp cotton pad to relieve any irritation.

Thyroid conditions

Thyroid conditions such as an overactive or underactive thyroid can also lead to eyelash and hair loss. The thyroid is what controls the body’s hormones and producing too much, or too little hormones has several health consequences, including losing your eyelashes.


As we get older, eyelash follicles can start to slow down in producing new eyelashes or can stop altogether. There are four growth stages, which are: growth, resting, shredding and re-growth but the cycles can slow down or stop completely with age.

How to help your eyelashes to grow

You can use eyelash growth serum to help to nurture your eyelash growth and keep your eyelashes looking fuller. Lashfactor is a scientifically proven serum which enhances the growth of eyelashes for a fuller, thicker appearance in 4-8 weeks.

If your eyelashes are starting to thin and you want to make them stand out more, growth serum is definitely worth trying, in addition to being more careful with products and any beauty habits that could damage your lashes.

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