Not Serum-based


Traditional serum-based products often contain oily components, emulsifiers, detergents and, various other additives, that make them more allergenic and susceptible to sensitive skin and eyes. 

Lashfactor is a clear semi-viscous nano-molecular treatment containing volume-building, nano-polymers and hair pigmenting agents buffered in sterile water with no serum-based additives whatsoever. All our ingredients used are certified safe for the eyes and skin.  



The volume-building polymers we use in Lashfactor have undergone an advanced particle size reduction process to give particle sizes of less than 50 nanometres. Such extremely small potent nano-particles are absorbed almost 20 times better and faster into the roots of eyelashes and eyebrows which provides a much more enhanced and faster increase in their volume, length, and prominence. 

Traditional serum-based products, contain very large and bulky particles that simply deposit and sit along with the roots of eyelashes and eyebrows with poorer and slower absorption, therefore, leading to a much less prominent effect. 

100% Brush-free sterile applicator


 Lashfactor uses a patented sterile dip-in applicator system designed for stress-free use on the roots of your eyelashes & eyebrows. The applicator is 100% brush-free, consisting of over 1,000 delicate biocompatible micro-bristles that do not shed into or interact with the Lashfactor solution. 

Results, results, results!


Lashfactor is all about results! Our formulary gradually starts to build a foundation, stimulating the roots and hair follicles during week one. Enhancing the length and thickness requires continued use for full effect.

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